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Castel of Flamarens

Château de Flamarens

The Castle of Flamarens, built in the XIIIth century on a feudal mound, is one of the most representative examples of seigneuriale gasconne architecture.
It was given as a dowry to the niece of Pope Clement V in 1289 and consequently became tha appanage of Sir Galars, then until 1882 it was owned by Sir Grossoles.
During the 100 years war it was used as fortress and, in 1469 the lain body of the building and an enormous keep were added. In the XVIIth ans at the beginning of the XVIIIth century Flamarens castel was at the height of its splendour. The interior was luxuriously furnishe with gypseriev ceilings, separated by ornate beams decoratedwith scenes from the hunt, the pier glass and marble chimney added the finishing touches to the lavish decor.
The 1880’s saw the decline of Flamarens and at the beginning of this century it was positively deserted. In June 1943, a fire started by lightening destroyed its roof. Since 1983, the current owner has undertaken to restore this beautiful monument situated on one of the roads of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.

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